The Campaign for a Scottish Currency

Scottish Enlightenment for the 21st Century     

Mission Statement.

If Scotland achieves its independence and pursues its declared objective of a fairer society, then it will quickly become apparent that it must also control its own Monetary Policy.
When that time comes it is essential that legislators have access to sound advice on the structure and function of a National Currency and the associated Regulation of commercial banking. That advice must be independent, well informed and well established in the public domain if it is to stand against the vested interest and unlimited resources of the powerful parliamentary banking lobby. It is the mission of this Campaign to ensure this advice is impressed upon the government of the day and that the electorate is clearly informed of the implications.

“Sharing Sterling will place an independent Scotland in a socio-economic straitjacket”


What is wrong with Sterling? 

  • it has become a system to reward financial manipulation rather than a means of exchanging goods and services among the people
  • it raises financial barriers against public investment in the presence of surplus capacity
  • it supports a banking monopoly unaccountable to the taxpayers who guarantee it.


What would the new currency achieve?

  • Constitutional Money ensures the State regains control over the National Currency
  • Constitutional Money will finance public assets and infrastructure not bank balance sheets and financial markets
  • Finance public sector investment when the private sector slows, thus facilitating full employment
  • Reform banking regulation to reward useful work and penalise financial manipulation
  • Mitigate National & international financial crises by controlling the currency
  • Encourage balanced international trade
  • Replace public debt with Constitutional Money


What is the focus of the campaign?

  • The comprehensive  text, plan and procedure for a new National Currency & Monetary Policy for Scotland as detailed in the book “MOVING OM” published in February 2014
  • To lobby the Scottish Parliament to implement the recommendations at the earliest opportunity following independence
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So far, the currency debate has been conducted on the assumption that Scotland would want to retain Sterling. That means you also keep the present failed and corrupt banking system which every few years triggers a financial crisis and disrupts the economy.

Between crises the banks serve the interests of the bankers first and the people a very poor second. Electronic money and de-regulation have combined to transformed the financial system. The National currency is the banking system and the level of debate must be raised to recognize this.

from Amazon Book Reviews -
"This book is a revelation. Although it appears to be written as a wake-up call to the Salmond led SNP, showing that a separate currency for Scotland is the one and only way to obtain true freedom from financial oppression, I see it as a wider blueprint which must be observed and acted upon for the benefit of all people, in all countries, ..............."

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